Puncher - Strawberry

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Title: Puncher - Strawberry

Department: Production

Reports To: Ranch Manager


  1. Start 1/2 hour earlier than pickers to monitor the field and fix/fill truck materials with required boxes, wire, etc. that are required to begin harvesting.

  2. Provide clamshells and build boxes.

  3. Move trailer, with the crew, as required.

  4. INSPECT boxes submitted by harvesters: A. Appearance: Good packaging, full baskets. B. Safety: Make sure the box is clean, and is the correct case. C. The number of the picker must be written on the box. D. If time permits, perform random inspections.

    If the desired criteria is not achieved, set the employee aside to correct the problem (re-pack the box or add more fruit, etc.) If the problem continues, the Puncher may give a verbal warning. In addition, the Crew Leader will help enforce the boxes are well packed and that the packaging is presentable.

  5. Punch employee card for every good box. Check the card when required to score a grade change.

  6. Instruct the employee where to put the box, for example when they are sorting by varietal.

  7. Inform truck diver of the different varieties and ask the Crew Leader to move the boxes as directed.

  8. If there is a problem with a particular employee, talk to the Crew Leader, he/she will work with the employee to correct the problem or discipline him or her.

  9. In the absence of the Crew Leader, the Puncher has the same right and authority as Crew Leaders.

  10. Attend safety meetings when the Crew Leader is absent.

  11. Return the trailer to the yard at the end of the day, collect trash and excess material, and prepare for the next day.

  12. Make sure the work area is clean at all times.

  13. Make sure the water is drinkable at all times.