Crew Leader

If you are interested in this job please call 1-800-803-5900

Title: Crew Leader

Department: Production

Reports to: Ranch Manager



  1. Hire new employees for your crew.
  2. Conduct new hire orientation.
  3. Monitor and train new hires during the probation period: make decisions on their continued employment within 5 working days.
  4. Discipline as required. Some infractions that require discipline: A. Late for work. B. Unexcused absence. C. Poor quality of pack. D. Failure to put a picker number on crate. E. Leaving fruit behind. F. Slow picking.

    When you issue a verbal warning, write it down in your journal. After a (3) three verbal warnings, go to a written warning.

    These warnings are YOUR responsibility, not the manager’s. If you feel that an infraction is non-routine, or requires a suspension or discharge, notify your manager for assistance.

  5. Document (write down in your journal) the following: A. Date and name of your new hire. B. Date and name of your absent employee, and reason for absence. C. Verbal warnings: Date, name, and reason. D. Accidents.

  6. Complete timesheets and associated paperwork, when appropriate.

  7. Take roll: note absences (excused or unexcused?)
  8. Must have knowledge of employee handbook.


  9. Designate each type and quantity of crate to be picked, always seeking out value added products.
  10. Maintain highest quality pack out at all times a) through Driscoll’s written inspection b) weekly cooler inspection observation

  11. Confer with puncher throughout the day regarding quality of fruit and picker performance.

  12. Check for the fruit left behind in each picker’s row. Do this for each person before they get to the end of their row.


  13. Investigate work-related accidents; including interviewing subject and witnesses; completing all necessary paperwork.

  14. Participate in monthly safety meetings, and implement monthly crew training
  15. Conduct WPS training.
  16. Lead exercises


  17. Follow all instructions of your supervisor.

  18. Ability to communicate clearly to the crew, weather verbal or visual instruction is necessary.